Copper City Community Connection is broken up into four main program functions: Wellness Program, Social Adult Day Care, Healthy IDEAS, and the Center. To keep up on what is going on at Copper City Community Connection you can stop in pick up a newsletter or look for us on Facebook!

The Center

The Center has many activities throughout each month.  Activities range anywhere from health topics to fun social events. 


The Wellness Program has many classes to offer to members and non-member at all fitness levels. Members are also granted access to the exercise equipment here at the Center.

Social Adult Day Program

Who is Social Adult Daycare for? 

Don’t let the word “daycare” fool you! While we cater to individuals who need constant supervision, to give their caretakers a break…we also cater to you! If you, a loved one or a neighbor need more social or cognitive stimulation, or are looking to improve mobility, we are the place for you. We have a wide variety of participants who engage in social, mental and physical games and activities throughout the day. We have painting and exercise classes, trivia, bingo, coffee chat and more! This program is so beneficial to our senior population, it is even covered by most insurances. If you’re curious, stop by the center and pay us a visit! You can also give our coordinator, Brittany, a call! 

The Social Adult Day Care Program caters to individuals who have some disabilities that require assistance with an individual’s ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living).  The staff is here to assist and monitor individuals while giving family members that much-needed break.

Copper City Community Connection